It Just Keeps Getting More and More Exciting!

hockey game Joss Winning snowboard pipe finals Team USA Womans Hockey Team

Hey everyone. The past three days have been crazy so I’m sorry that i’ve been slacking.

First lets start with three days ago. Tuesday was the debut of Females Slopestyle Skiing. The conditions looked a little rough it being so warm here. The conditions are very spring skiing like. All the girls killed it. So stoked for all of them, especially my fellow East Coast friend and teammate Devin Logan for grabbing silver. Dara Howell from Canada grabbing the gold with one of the sickest runs i’ve seen. congratulations to them you girls killed it! so stoked for you. girls.
Later that night was Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe Finals.  Its really cool seeing the amount of people that showed up to watch and just being apart of the crowd. Going to watch mens pipe finals definitely got me stoked to compete in the Halfpipe myself on the 20th. I was a little disappointed that Shaun White didn’t do a triple, but whatever its not the biggest deal. He’s still one of the biggest stars and pioneers of snowboarding. None of the guys from the US Snowboard Team were on the podium, but the 15 year old from Japan that got second absolutely crushed it!
The next day, Wednesday, I went down to the Coastal Village were all of the arena sports are happening. I went to go see USA vs Canada in Womans Hockey. It was definitely one of the most intense womans hockey games i’ve ever seen. USA lost 2-3 but one of Canada’s goals was questionable.  After the hockey game we eat dinner at the free McDonalds (haha) and then caught the first bus back to the Mountain Village so that we could catch Womans Snowboard Halfpipe Finals. Which We did make it back for which was super awesome. The girls absolutely killed it! shootout to Kaitlyn Farrington for winning gold! So much style and flow!  I am honestly so mind blown how well everyone is competing over here in Russia! Its so crazy!
Today, Thursday, has been the craziest day of all though. Today was the qualifiers and finals for mens Slopestyle Skiing. The first ever. It was so exciting to watch all of our American boys (Bobby Brown, Gus Kenworthy, Nick Goepper, and Joss Christensen) make it into finals. Finals was a show down. It was so freakin crazy! everyone was on point with their skiing.  I totally can’t even put it into words how cool it was to watch everyone ski as well as they did. you have to see it for yourself. Joss Christensen, with the run of his life doing his first triple ever in training two days ago on his unnatural side and then stomping it in finals like his been doing it his whole life! Its just so amazing I can’t believe how well they all skied! So hyped! USA ended up sweeping the podium in Mens Slopestyle. USA 3rd podium sweep in history! pretty freakin cool if I do say so myself!  3rd – Nick Goepper 2nd – Gus Kenworthy, 1st – Joss Christensen.
Tomorrow is my first day of training in the halfpipe and watching everyone ski so amazingly and awesome just makes me that much more excited to finally ski. But I have to go sleep now cause its 9:30 and I have training tomorrow!
Good Night Everyone and Thanks for sharing the adventure!
Go Team USA!!
Annalisa Drew

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