Days 4 + 5 – The Mountian Village!

IMG_8603 IMG_8627 IMG_8628 I Get To Wake Up to This!

Days 4 + 5

 Hey Everyone sorry I’ve totally been slacking on my blog!
Yesterday We got up super early to move locations up to the Mountain Village! The Coastal Village was fun, but I just couldn’t wait to be on snow, ski, be around the mountains and see our friends that we compete with all season that were already up in the Mountain Village. The Mountain Village is on Rosa Khutor, which is were all the ski and snowboard events happen! It’s one of the prettiest places I’ve ever skied. Your are literally surrounded by mountains everywhere.  When I arrived I got all settled into my room and finally unpacked. After Unpacking and just getting settled in I went to watch woman’s snowboard slopestyle finals. It was so cool to watch in person. It’s crazy how many people were there watching. It made me even more excited to compete in the Halfpipe. Jamie Anderson from the US won! It was really exciting. USA sweep of the snowboard slopestyle podiums both Mens (Sage) and Womans (Jamie)! After that I just came back and hangout with my teammates around the village just trying to find everything.
This morning, Day 5, I woke up and looked out the window and had an amazing view of snow covered mountain tops! It was really cool. After breakfast I went skiing finally. I took a few freeski laps around the mountain and then went and checked out the slopestyle skiers training. People were throwing down and finalizing their runs for tomorrow’s Womans Ski Slopestyle qualifiers and finals. Everyone be sure to watch! And right now I’m just hanging out until dinner and other events happen!
Thanks for check out what I’m up too! I can’t wait to finally get into the Halfpipe!!
Go Team USA!

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