The Excitement Continues!


Day 2:

Hey, I’m back! We just had opening ceremonies and they were crazy, but before I talk about that I wanted to start off with the beginning to my day!

This morning, after surprising being able to sleep all through the night and not having very bad jet lag, the US Halfpipe Team all gathered for breakfast. As a team we all attended our first press conference of these Olympics. It was my first ever press conference and I was a little bit nerves, but as it went on it got easier. At the end of the press conferences I was pulled aside by a News Reporter to answer some more questions. That was a cool experience for me.
After that we all had some down time before the big event that went on earlier this evening. I spend this down time walked around the athlete village with Maddie Bowman and Maia Shibutani ( Figure Skater). The athlete village is so cool. Theres an arcade with a bunch of games. Maddie and I played pool with 2 of the USA bobsleders. The 2 bobsleds were apart of the team from the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 that won gold. After hanging out in the arcade and making new friends we headed back to our house to just chill out and charge up our cameras before Opening Ceremonies.
Opening Ceremonies was by far on of the coolest moments in the world for me.  Seeing everyone dress up in there super awesome USA sweater was incredible. I felt really excited and honored to represent the US of A. Everything from getting dressed to walking in the arena to walking out of the arena tonight was so amazing. It hit me as I was walking out of the arena looking at the torch outside lit that I was an a apart of a group of athletes that get to debut the sport of Freeskiing Halfpipe and on Team USA. When The torch was lit at the end of the night it was honestly the craziest feeling in the world.
Day 3: Part 1:
This morning We all got to sleep in cause we didn’t have anything scheduled for the morning which was nice. This afternoon though, we all ( pipe crew) went to watch the first USA Womans Hockey game vs Finland. It was a crazy game. The USA dominated. Having 33 shots on net just in the second half and leading in the second half 2-0 going in to the 3rd period. USA won 3-1!
Tonight Were going to go watch Sage Kotsenburg get his GOLD medal, if we can get tickets to the ceremony. Shout out to Sage for crushing it in Mens Slopestyle Snowboarding and getting USA’s first medal of these Olympics!  Then we might head over to watch another Womans Hockey game; Canada vs. Switzerland!
Thanks for sharing in the excitement!!
Annalisa Drew

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