Day 1 – Let The Games Begin!

Trying on our Ceremony outfits during team processing in Germany

Trying on our Ceremony outfits during team processing in Germany

Bus to Sochi
Bus to Sochi

Figure Skating men short team qualifications

Figure Skating men short team qualifications

Hi everyone! I have officially reached Sochi! The past two days have been crazy, but so much fun!

On Wednesday the pipe crew (Brita Sigourney, Aaron Blunck, Torin Yater-Wallace, Lyman Currier, David, Wise, Angeli Vanlaanen, Maddie Bowman, and myself) landed in Munich, Germany. In Munich we all went through team processing, which is where we picked up all of our team uniforms, opening and closing ceremony outfits, head shots taken, Olympic rings sized, and everything these. The amount of stuff we got was insane!

Today, Thursday We got up at 4AM to catch our flight to Russia with the rest of some people from Team USA. We Arrived in Sochi around 3PM. We went through customs, grabbed are bags, credentials, and hoped on a bus that took us all over to the Coastal Olympic Village. I just want to say thank you everyone at the airport that was helping out with Team USA’s arrival into Sochi everything went so fast and we were out of the airport by 3:45, it was crazy for how many people we were! They crushed it! When We arrived at the Olympic Village all of our luggage had to go through a scanner. and then once we were cleared with our luggage we were escorted to the Team USA house. The house is a dormitory style building and the rooms are simple with two beds and a bathroom and some closet space. After finally settling into our rooms and showering we all (pipe crew) walked over to the dining hall area. I was huge. there were so many options for food. Theres a McDonalds inside the dining hall and they make really good smoothies! haha.

The last thing I did today was go to my first Olympic event of the Sochi games. Maddie, Brita, Angeli, David, Lyman and our coaches Ben and Andy all went to watch figure skating team qualifiers. It was exciting! David and Lyman were actually more into then I had expected! haha. Torin and Aaron were unable to come because of other commitments but we missed them!

Everything so far has been so much fun and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Be sure to Watch Opening Ceremonies tomorrow were gunna be looking good in our Team USA Sweaters!

Annalisa Drew


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